171204_どの祭出てみたい?!(第4回レポ)_Which festival do you wanna join??(about 4th "gardeN")

(Japanese below:英語の下に日本語があります!是非日本語見ずにまずはチャレンジ!!)

On this post, I am going to share about the 4th "gardeN" held on 4th of December. We had more than 10 members including newcomers and spent a nice time!

This time, after self-introduction, we started "gardeN" with watching a movie.
The movie is..
a promotion video of "POCKETALK" which is a product from SOURCENEXT.INC.

POCKETALK looks very cute but it can translate 63 languages with only super easy operation, just one tap! It can translate not only one sentence but also 3~4 continuous sentences so perhaps with this, we won't feel difficulty in normal conversation. Moreover it isn't so expensive...

Recently we often hear "the era of Artificial Intelligence and Robot", the movement has surely reached to languages.
On this era, What is the meaning to learn English? Why do we study English?
Because I want our members to take a think such a thing, I showed the promotion video. What do you think??

Next I wanna share a main activity of 4th "gardeN".

The title of it is "Which festival do you wanna join??" in which we choose one festival from 9 festivals around the world and share it with some reasons.

Thinking time/え、どの祭がイイかな?!
"I want to paint as many tomatoes as I can and wanna get very beautiful face!!"
"I want to shoot at 〇〇 with a water gun with my best!!"
"I want to roll a lot by chasing a cheese!!"
"I like a high place so I wanna join Flying Indian!!"

There were such many unique reasons!
When I searched festivals around the world on the Internet for this activity, I found out there were so many festivals in which people can enjoy becoming dirty or throw something at others.. Lol In Japan such festivals has been popular and of course in Nishiwaga, there is a super big event in which people throw snowballs at enemies with all their powers..
Is there any reason why do people become enthusiastic for these festivals??

Next "gardeN" will be held on 11th of December. I am now preparing what we do in the next one.
I wanna say good-bye with some heartwarming comments from participants:)











次回は12/11(月)! 今度は何をやろうか絶賛迷い中ですっ!


☆I couldn't understand what members said in detail but could understand some words. I felt happy because I could vaguely guess what they told from some words. Still I don't have a confidence to talk in English and I feel afraid of speaking but I hope I can talk in English without feeling afraid of making mistakes.:) 

★3回目の参加ですけど、毎回車の中で反省会してるんです(笑)で、帰った後のお風呂の中でもずっとサークルの話題が出ます。今回お友達が来てくれたのもあって、娘の表情がいつもよりもリラックスしてたのが印象的で、今までの経験値+リラックスできた分のおかげで、だいぶ聞き取れるようになってきた!というのを本人が実感してるのが良かったです。I want to throw tomatoes at ○○ with my best. が一番気に入ったそうで、一生懸命唱えてましたよ(笑) 私も、もうちょっと色んな言い回しと単語を覚えようと思います(^^;

★We joined "gardeN" three times including this time and every time, we hold review time on our way to go home by car. Also in a bath, we can't stop talking about "gardeN". In the 4th "gardeN", because my daughter's friend could join, she looked more relaxed than usual and I was glad she could feel her own improvement in listening. She had a liking to the sentence, "I want to throw tomatoes at ○○ with my best." and she repeated it again and again. I want to memorize more words and phrases in order not to lose to my daughter!!


☆In "gardeN", I could learn what I hadn't known as if it were a game and even though I am not good at English, I could feel fun. So I wanna join again.


★It was for the first time in several decades to hear English. Of course I couldn't speak rightly, but I became free from pressure because of some advice like "It doesn't matter if you can speak right English or not." and I could enjoy talking with everyone with English and Japanese. So I can say from my heart that I want to come again. This way to learn English, I mean listen to, feel and use English may be fresh and enjoyable way for me instead of starting with "A, B, C..". I set my goal to laugh with everyone in English conversation!


☆It was my first time to join "gardeN" but I could enjoy talking in and listening to English and had great experience. Because I think it was very beneficial for students preparing for an exam, so I wanna talk to my classmate about "gardeN".

文責:早川大輝/Daiki Hayakawa

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