171211_桃太郎の人生相談!?(第5回レポ)_Counselling Momotaro?!?!(About 5th "gardeN")

Japanese below(英語を読んで推測したら日本語へGo!!)

Hello! We could hold the memorial 5th "gardeN" on 11th of December.
Let me tell about the 5th one!

First of all we did a warming-up activity called "Try to be an animal".
And after that,,,

"I was named "Momotaro" by an old couple. But I don't like to be said, "Hey! Momochan~~!!" by my friends and I wish my name were a typical boy's name like "Genki"..."

Momotaro suddenly came to the "gardeN" and said his matter. So we counseled him in English. It was too difficult...


Yes, I'm a liar. I'm sorry but I wanna get out of a mannerism in how to start this blog, so I did.
Anyway, this time we separated to two groups (Igloo&Snowman)after a warming-up session.

Members of Igloo group did "counselling teenagers" in all English while members of Snowman group did "If you were Momotaro..." in English and a little Japanese.

In Igloo group,
"I'm falling love with a pretty girl but I've never have a date. Please tell me how."
"I wanna lose my weight but I'm obsessed with eating snacks."

Members listened to these matter and considered how to help them.


In Snowman group's theme was "You are Momotaro you have to go to defeat devils but you can take only one animal. Which kind of animal do you take?"

"I will choose a whale! he can blow water from his back!"
"I want to take a horse. Even if I can't defeat devils, I can run away with a lot of treasures. "
"I want to go with a lion! He can tickle devils with his a bushy tail."
"I wanna select a snake. He has a venom in his body and he can hide himself in narrow space."
"I will go with a gorilla. Because of his black body, he can hide himself in dark place and he is big and strong. "
"I think a tiger is the best partner for me. he is good at chasing because he runs very fast."

Like these. Most of adults chose a horse (Maybe they thought this theme too much realistically lol)


The number of members almost reached to 20, so many, and same as it, there were a lot of unique ideas and conversation:)
Next one will be held on 18th of December, 1800-2000!
See you there!
















☆It was my first time to join "gardeN". I could enjoy learning some difficult words, so I want to take part in next one!


★Actually I have an interest in conversation in English but there had been no chance.. This time I unexpectedly found a flyer of the "gardeN" and I bravely decided to join with my daughter. It was a little bit surprised for me that there were many kinds of people from different age. Because it was my first time in long time to hear English, I couldn't understand enough at first but I could gradually enjoy listening and speaking as time past. I wanna join again!


☆It was fun to imagine "If I were Momotaro". I've never known some verbs like "defeat" or "swallow", so it was new to use these verbs. I was glad that I could feel what I said in English could pass around in snowman group. And I could try to tell what I wanna say in English though I'd used much Japanese before.

★It was funny my young brother tried to be a monkey in the warming-up session in spite of his having felt shy in the previous "gardeN". This time we became "Momotaro" but I want to do another version like "If you can change a pumpkin carriage (from Cinderella) to another vegetable which vegetable do you choose?":)

文責:早川大輝/Daiki Hayakawa

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