171225_猛吹雪のなか(第7回レポート)_dangerous blizzard (gardeN#7)

Japanese below(英語読んでるかーい?!)

Merry Christmas!(It's too late but we did gardeN on 25th, let me say it)
0n Christmas day, Santa Claus brought us a big surprising present, dangerous blizzard... because of this terrible weather, it was so difficult to drive. I wanna say big Thank you to members who came.

Now I will write down about the 7th gardeN.

Also this time, we began gardeN with warming up activity named "Line up".
The initial letter of chocolate cake and that of cheese cake are both "Ch", so it was a little bit confused. lol

After this, we did main activity with all together.
it was a simple one whose title is "What do you want to do with money?

"If you have a million yen, what do you want to do?"
"If you get a hundred yen, what would you like to do? "

We thought about this and shared our idea.

"I'd like to start ski shop which has new technique."
"I want to have three cats, a Persian cat, a tortoiseshell cat and a black one."
"I want to have three dogs, a Pomeranian, a mixed breed and a Japanese dog named azukishiba."
"I'd like to go to Okinawa and swim in the beautiful sea!"
"I want to go to live shows of popular singers again and again!"
"Because there is my favorite player in the team, I want to go to watch games of Rakuten and wanna eat a lot of stadium gourmet foods."
"I'd like to buy a Japanese drum for my own and practice as much as I want."
"I want to travel around World Heritages in Japan, especially I wanna go to Yakushima."
"I would like to visit all prefectures in Japan by myself!"

"I want to buy ten chewing gums."
"I will use 100 yen for lottery!"
"First of all, I'll buy juice and wanna exchange it for another thing and do it again and again, I want to get a richer thing."
"Yes, I will go to 100 yen shop to watch around."
"Because I often lose my pen, so I wanna buy a new pen."
"I forgot getting bread for tomorrow's breakfast, so I should buy bread."
"I'll definitely use for a chocolate ice cream."
"Just 100yen?? Of course I will keep it."

It was interesting because we could look in what they usually think with this activity.:)

Anyway, the 7th gardeN was the last one of 2017. To my surprise, the next Monday is in 2018!!! I'd like to say "Of course we'll hold on the first day of the next year." but yes, please enjoy spending your time with your family or friends.
I am now planing to start from 8th of January.

This year, a lot of people came to gardeN and I think the more we did, the better we could make "garden". I am the man who most enjoyed gardeN! I appreciate a lot. Let's enjoy more in 2018!!!

Enjoyable time/わちゃわちゃと真剣さ
A Happy New Year!! See you again:)













☆I enjoyed listening to English with my concentration and using words and phrases as much as I could. The number of students has increased and it was interesting they tried to think and express their feeling with their own best. And,,, I got upset because the alphabet wasn't come up with soon lol

★まだまだ自信がなくて、I likeとかっていう知っている表現を使うのもまだためらっちゃうんだけど、サンタさんにもらった辞書を使えるようになってきたので、言葉を覚えながら、知ってる表現のところだけでも英語を使えるように挑戦したいです。

★I want to speak more with confidence but I still hesitate to talk in English. However I got an electronic dictionary as Xmas present and get used to using it, so I'd like to try to memorize phrases and use English as much as I can.


☆The topic about 100 yen is very daily topic, so it was easy to think and was so fun. I'd like to be able to improve my listening skill in 2018!


★The activity about a million yen was interesting for me because I could think about cats I love the best of all animals and told what I wanted to say in English. Time always flies fast in gardeN.

文責:早川大輝/Daiki Hayakawa

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