180129_記念すべき第10回!_Happy 10th anniversary!!

Japanese below(推測で構わん。読み進めるんだ‼)

Hello everyone!

I'm gonna announce you that gardeN finally has reached 10th!!
I'd like to say big thank you to all who are interested in gardeN and help us hold gardeN!!

This time, please let me tell about the memorial gardeN:)

We did two warming up activity named "Turn around" and "Line up".
Actually it wasn't new to them but they enjoyed and warmed themselves up. It's really cold outside here in Nishiwaga but after warming up, we always don't feel cold.

After that, at the part of main activity, we were into two teams, Spade and Club.

Members of Spade talked about their happiness of this week with all English.
share happiness/絶賛シェアハピ中
My happiness was...
"being able to go outside like shopping, lunch and so on because I'd been sick for about two weeks and couldn't go outside."

"acting on the Ginga Hall as a member of the drama club of this town. I played a funny student who are possessed by the universe."

"getting two more bonus gyoza from the master of a restaurant."

The goal of this activity was not only sharing their happiness but also asking a question to a speaker, so they also tried to ask and answer each other.

Otherwise, members of Club introduced their favorite person.
thinking favorite person/こちらは試行錯誤中
My favorite person is...
"my old sister because she is very kind and she studies very hard to make her dream come true. She will become a nurse on next April!"

"my friend because she is friendly. We are best friend."

"Naho Maita. She is a comic artist who writes 「12歳」. I have seven comics of her. I like her."

"Takumi Kitamura who acts on TV drama named「隣の家族は青く見える」. He is cool and I want to meet him."

They have a lot of favorite people of their own, so I want to do it again:)

The next one will be held on 5th of February. Don't miss it!!














☆Sharing happiness made me feel happier👍 And I envied some happy happenings of others 😂 It was completely difficult to explain my happiness …


★I enjoyed "my favorite person" with English and Japanese. I introduced my old sister. Others told about actor, singer, voice actor, teacher and family. There were more members than before and it was lively gardeN.


☆It has been a while to join gardeN and was surprised with others' expressions like lively and relaxed. They seem to get used to be here and have confidence. No matter who spoke or no matter what was spoken, everyone perfectly tried to pay attention to a speaker, it is really nice for me!


★The activity, "Turn around" was interesting but I have no confidence about direction lol In main activity, I could enjoy to share my favorite person. I like the way of junior high school students. They are always active and positive to communicate in English. They don't seem to be afraid of mistakes. In addition, they tried hard to listen to others. I think a positive atmosphere of gardeN lets them to enjoy English. Really good.

★turn around面白かったデス!でも、方角は本当に怪しかった~w自分の大好きな人のことをシェアできて楽しかったです。中学生の子たちの、積極的で前向きな姿勢が素敵だなぁと思いました^^間違っても大丈夫!な雰囲気が良いんですね~^^他の人の発言の時も、一生懸命に聞き取ろうとする姿勢が素敵でした♪見習わなきゃ~。

☆It was difficult to give instructions in the warming up activity, "Turn around". I could get "back" and "left" but I couldn't possibly memorize and pronounce "right", so I couldn't say "right". It was sad. My mother gave me a sheet about directions, so I will practice with it to memorize all!

☆自分で指示を出すのは難しかったです(turn around)。backとleftは覚えられたけど(バックは普段使う言葉だし、レフトは左利きなので)rightがどうしても覚えられない&発音がよくわからなくて指示出せなくて残念でした。方角の方も、お母さんに紙に書いてもらったので覚えようと思います。

文責:早川大輝/Daiki Hayakawa

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